Israeli Forces Kill Four Palestinians in West Bank

 Israeli Forces Kill Four Palestinians in West Bank

Escalating Violence in the Occupied Territory

Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Monday, according to the Palestinian Authority. One of the victims allegedly started a fire at an Israeli outpost.

Recent Violence in the West Bank

Since the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza on October 7, hundreds of Palestinians and more than a dozen Israelis have been killed in violence across the West Bank.

Monday’s Incident

On Monday, Israeli “occupation fire” killed four Palestinians in the town of Kfar Naima, north-west of Ramallah, according to the territory’s health ministry. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas called for a general strike in Ramallah in response to the killings, along with a pre-planned rally for Palestinians jailed by Israel.

Israeli Military’s Account

The Israeli military claimed that it shot at a group of four people who attempted to flee in a vehicle and tried to “run over forces” when Israeli police went to Kfar Naima to arrest a suspect. One Israeli officer was lightly hurt, according to an army statement.

Accusations and International Law

One of those killed was accused of setting fire to a caravan in a nearby settler outpost, Sde Ephraim Farm. Israel has occupied the West Bank since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, and hundreds of thousands of settlers have since moved to the Palestinian territory, in breach of international law.

Weapons Found

An Israeli police statement said a gun and explosive devices were found when officers searched the vehicle in Kfar Naima.

Casualties and Tensions

At least 524 Palestinians have been killed across the West Bank by Israeli forces or settlers, according to Palestinian officials. Over the same period, at least 14 Israelis have been killed in the territory, according to an AFP toll based on Israeli figures. Tensions continue to escalate in the region, with ongoing military raids, settler violence, and Palestinian street attacks.

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