Ishaq Dar Announces Fact-Finding Committee Following Kyrgyzstan Mob Attacks

 Ishaq Dar Announces Fact-Finding Committee Following Kyrgyzstan Mob Attacks

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, after an urgent visit to Bishkek, announced that the number of Pakistani students fleeing Kyrgyzstan following the May 18 mob attacks has surpassed 3,000, with expectations of exceeding 4,000 by midnight on Wednesday.

Dar declared the formation of a fact-finding committee to investigate the events leading to the mob attack. The committee will meet with all relevant parties, including members of the Kyrgyz government, to determine how the events unfolded and assess the response of the Pakistani mission. “The committee will also evaluate the handling of the situation by our mission and the extent of their responsibility. They had set up two WhatsApp helplines, but one side of the story is not enough,” Dar stated. The committee is expected to be notified today and must submit its report within two weeks.

Additionally, Dar highlighted another significant issue involving 1,100 undocumented Pakistani workers in Bishkek. “I was shocked to learn that we have about 1,100 workers there who came under the guise of tourists and then started working without any visa or legal documents,” he said. This situation has raised concerns about the legal status and safety of these workers.

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