Iran Repatriates Illegal Afghan Immigrants Amid Terrorist Threats

 Iran Repatriates Illegal Afghan Immigrants Amid Terrorist Threats

Iran’s decision to repatriate illegal Afghan immigrants comes amid concerns over terrorist threats. The Iranian Interior Minister has announced that more than 1.3 million illegal immigrants have been returned from Iran thus far, with plans for stricter measures to prevent their future return.

This move echoes similar actions taken by Pakistan, which initiated the repatriation of illegal Afghan immigrants last year in response to rising terrorist attacks. Unofficial data suggests that over 1.7 million Afghan immigrants have already returned to their homeland in the initial phase of this repatriation effort.

The decision to repatriate illegal immigrants aligns with efforts to address security concerns, particularly regarding the utilization of Afghan territory for terrorist activities in neighboring countries like Pakistan. By implementing stricter measures and repatriation initiatives, both Iran and Pakistan aim to enhance security and stability in the region.

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