Iran increases security on the death anniversary of Mahsa Amini

 Iran increases security on the death anniversary of Mahsa Amini

Iran increases security on the death anniversary of Mahsa Amini

TEHRAN: Iranian security personnel were stationed in Mahsa Amini hometown in preparation for unrest to erupt this weekend in remembrance of the first death anniversary while under the care of the morality police.

Amini’s death on September 16 spurred months of anti-government rallies that culminated in the largest display of defiance against the authorities in years. Amini was a 22-year-old Kurd who had detained for allegedly breaking the mandated clothing code.

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Many demanded an end to more than four decades of clerical authority, with women and young people frequently at the vanguard. Rights groups reported that thousands detained, hundreds injured. And 71 juveniles among the over 500 people killed in the turmoil that security forces ultimately put an end to.

Iran increases security on the death anniversary of Mahsa Amini

A rights activist reported a “heavy presence of security forces” near Amini’s birthplace in the western Iranian region of Kurdistan. Social media reports mentioned the deployment of security forces in a number of places, mostly in Kurdistan.

Several Kurdish cities in western Iran “have experienced an atmosphere of intimidation and the declaration of a state of war in recent days.” According to a statement from the human rights organization Hengaw, which is located in Norway. According to the report, many people detained.

Hengaw claimed that people had noticed an increase in helicopter activity over the city. And that military men stationed on Tapeh Qawkh, a hill that overlooks Saqez.

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Residents of Saqez cited in social media posts as alleging that officials had set up new surveillance cameras throughout the city, ostensibly to watch and identify demonstrators.

On the eve of the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s passing, web monitoring service Netblocks reported “significant disruption to internet connectivity in the (southeastern city of) Zahedan… targeting anti-government protests.”

According to social media posts, weekly protests with the slogans “Death or freedom” conducted in Zahedan on Friday. Authorities claim that the disturbance intentionally stoked to destabilize Iran by the United States, Israel, and its local operatives.

According to US Vice President Joe Biden, Mahsa’s tragedy did not stop with her gruesome demise. She was the driving force behind the historic “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement. Which had an impact on Iran and spread to other countries.

“We reiterate our dedication to the valiant Iranian people… And we stand with them together with our friends and allies, said Biden.

Nasser Kanaani, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry. Criticized Western declarations of support for women’s rights in Iran as “double standards and lies” without mentioning Biden. Videos that followed his posting on the X site appeared to depict Israeli and Western police officers abusing women.

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