India Prepares for Largest Electoral Exercise in the World

 India Prepares for Largest Electoral Exercise in the World

India is gearing up for the world’s largest electoral exercise, with nearly a billion voters set to cast their ballots in seven phases across the country. Conducting elections in such a populous nation is a monumental task, requiring complex logistics that span over a month, from April 19 to June 4.

With a population of 1.417 billion, India boasts approximately 968 million voters who will determine the course of Narendra Modi’s political agenda, under whose leadership the country has been governed since 2014.

Given the immense size of the electorate, organizing such a massive exercise incurs billions of dollars in expenditure, making it not only the world’s biggest but also the most expensive electoral process.

In 2019, expenditures on logistics, political campaigns, and regulatory requirements amounted to up to $8.6 billion. It’s anticipated that the upcoming polls will surpass this figure by a considerable margin, underlining the scale and significance of India’s democratic process.

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