Imran Khan Urges Establishment to Step Back for Transparent Elections

 Imran Khan Urges Establishment to Step Back for Transparent Elections

Incarcerated PTI chairperson Imran Khan emphasized the need for the establishment to step back and allow transparent elections to save Pakistan. Speaking informally with media in Adiala jail, Imran stressed that the establishment’s interference is hindering the country’s progress.

He highlighted the alarming increase in national debt, which surged from Rs2.8 trillion in 2021 to Rs8-9 trillion in just four years. Imran criticized the current government for failing the nation, eroding trust, and burdening the common people with severe economic hardships.

He reiterated that fair and transparent elections are the solution to Pakistan’s problems, not reliance on the IMF. Imran expressed concern over Pakistan’s declining status, once a leader until 1990, now surpassed by other nations.

He accused the elite of stashing wealth abroad and the ECP of “historic” rigging in the February 8 elections. Imran questioned the judiciary’s role, citing the CJP’s decision to send his party to the ECP for justice despite its credibility issues.

He criticized the trial of civilians in military courts, a practice uncommon in democracies. Imran also raised concerns about media suppression and plans to curb its freedom. When asked about the establishment’s role, he asserted, “The establishment is running the country; the SIFC is running the country.”

Imran confirmed his intention to go on a hunger strike, awaiting decisions on his legal team’s objections to the judge’s presence. He expressed disappointment over a cancelled meeting with his team, which could have resolved internal disputes.

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