I’ll vote for PML-N on my terms: Bilawal

 I’ll vote for PML-N on my terms: Bilawal

I’ll vote for PML-N on my terms: Bilawal

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has declared that the party is resolute in its desire to form government and that they will vote for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on their own terms.

He asserted that advancement is necessary for anyone seeking to modify their position.

Speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Bilawal declared that he was carrying out his campaign strategy as planned. He said he could have claimed it was his mandate if he had been elected and made the majority party. However, he asserted that the people’s awareness and wisdom demonstrated that they did not grant any one party a majority to rule alone.

He claimed that the populace sent a message stating that no single party could rule the nation and that all parties must work together to reach decisions. In other words, the populace was saying that whoever wanted to rule had to work with others.

According to Bilawal, the truth is that the people have made a decision that requires all political parties and interested parties to come to a consensus in order to save not only their democracy but also the parliamentary system, the economy, and the federation.

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According to the PPP chairman, political parties must concede certain points to one another when they form alliances. He stated that negotiation and compromise were the only ways to get out of this whole situation.

He further said that the PPP has decided that they will talk to those who have come to them. Also he said that if he has to vote for PML-N, he will do it on his own terms. How can he vote for PML-N on their terms? he asked

The PPP chairman said that the consultative committees for talks for forming the government were sluggish, and this non-seriousness was harming Pakistan and democracy. He said that the sooner the matter was resolved, the better it would be for the political stability and the upcoming government.

Bilawal said that he or the PPP were not in a hurry, they were firm on their stance. He said that if anyone else has to change their stance, then progress can be made, and if no one was ready to change their stance, then a very dangerous deadlock was looming. He said that the outcome of this would not be beneficial for democracy, economy and political stability.

In response to a query, Bilawal questioned, “What evidence do you have that I am working with the establishment? Give me proof before you accuse me.

Ask Maulana or anyone else who speaks, he advised. Even if he had met them, he said, did he discuss the constitution and democracy or did he strike deals?

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