IHC Landmark Ruling Grants Reprieve to MDCAT 2022 Students

 IHC Landmark Ruling Grants Reprieve to MDCAT 2022 Students

IHC Landmark Ruling Grants Reprieve to MDCAT 2022 Students

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ruled in favor of students, confirming the validity of MDCAT 2022 results for the following two years, marking a significant legal victory.

Judge Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb’s decision made in response to a case brought forth by petitioner Laiba Raouf, who passed the MDCAT exam in November 2022.

The petitioner claimed that the MDCAT results had a two-year validity period, acting in compliance with the law at the time of her exam. The public notice that PMDC published on July 14, 2023. Declaring candidates who passed their exams in 2022 ineligible for admission to the MBBS program, challenged.

In support of the petitioner. The court stressed that the MDCAT results from November 22 are valid for a two-year period in accordance with the 2021 regulations. The ruling made it clear that the petitioner’s rights could not be overturned by later administrative decisions.

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As a result, the petitioner’s outcome is still enforceable through November 2024, and PMDC will pay the related legal fees.

Khalil ur Rehman Safi the petitioner’s lawyer, and he is notable for handling the case’s legal complexities.

Although this decision gives students the chance to apply for admission in the current year. And the next year using their MDCAT 2022 scores, the circumstances are still complicated. A lot of universities have already closed admissions for the current semester, which puts impacted students in a difficult situation.

Universities and the council have reluctant to accept admissions based on MDCAT 2022 scores for the current academic session. Even though PMDC initially promised that these scores would be valid for two years. Students are confused and frustrated by this inconsistency.

Students struggle with questions about how best to take advantage of this opportunity. And the real-world ramifications of the court’s ruling as the case progresses. Finding a just way to accommodate students who not admitted this year because of the confusion surrounding MDCAT 2022 results is the main challenge.

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