Iddat Nikah Case | Complainant Khawar Maneka assaulted outside Islamabad court | Public Opinion

An Islamabad district and sessions court on Wednesday did not announce its already reserved verdict in the iddat case against former premier Imran Khan and his spouse Bushra Bibi. At the same time, the complainant was assaulted outside the court.

The court had reserved the verdict last week on appeals filed by the PTI founder and his wife against their conviction in the iddat case — the third and later in a series of verdicts announced just a few days before the general elections.

While the verdict was expected to be pronounced today, District and Sessions Judge Shahrukh Argument sought a transfer of the case and would not be announcing the judgment. Earlier this month, complainant Khawar Fareed Man­eka, Bushra Bibi’s former husband, had requested Argument to rec­use himself from hearing the appeals, accusing him of being biased and sympathetic towards the PTI.

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