‘I was feeling terrible’ in debate, Biden says in TV interview

 ‘I was feeling terrible’ in debate, Biden says in TV interview

Joe Biden is determined to continue his reelection campaign, attributing his dismal debate performance to a cold, not an infection. In a highly anticipated TV interview, the president sought to reassure voters and quell rebellion within the Democratic party.

Campaign in Crisis Mode

Biden’s debate performance sparked panic among Democrats, with some lawmakers and donors calling for him to withdraw from the race. However, the president remains defiant, declaring “I’m staying in the race. I’ll beat Donald Trump.”

Polls Favor Trump

Post-debate polls show a widening deficit in Trump’s favor, prompting concerns within the Democratic party. At least three Democrats in Congress have called on Biden to step aside, along with several major newspapers and political commentators.

Democratic Infighting

Wealthy Disney heiress and Democratic supporter Abigail Disney has threatened to withhold donations until Biden drops out, while Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Mark Warner and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries are convening meetings to discuss Biden’s path forward.

White House Pushes Back

The White House has announced a press conference during the NATO summit, and Biden’s campaign has released an aggressive travel schedule for the rest of July. The president will engage in frequent off-the-cuff moments to emphasize his folksy charm.

Trump Dares Biden to Another Debate

Donald Trump has dared Biden to another debate or an “all-on discussion,” saying he’s ready “anytime, anywhere, any place.” Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris has emerged as a leading alternative if Biden steps aside.

The fate of Biden’s campaign hangs in the balance as the Democratic party grapples with internal conflicts and external pressures. Will he be able to turn the tide and secure reelection, or will the party pivot to a new candidate? Only time will tell.

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