I don’t care about my makeup much: Actress Yumna

 I don’t care about my makeup much: Actress Yumna

Famous Pakistani actress Yumna Zaidi

Islamabad, 14June: Famous Pakistani actress Yumna Zaidi is known for starring in projects that have a strong message and highlight her acting chops.

As it turns out, Yumna doesn’t even charge much to use her talent for the greater good!

Talking to Something Haute about her thought process behind choosing a particular serial, the Pukaar actress shared that she doesn’t have many demands before signing a drama that focused on social issues.

“I’ve mentioned before that dramas based on social causes are a means of sadqa (charity) for my acting career,” said Yumna.

“I don’t care about my makeup much and I don’t even demand much money for them,” she added, before joking that producers might start approaching her solely for social dramas.

Yumna Zaidi then agreed that the reason behind the success of her recent dramas might be her good niyat (intentions), and we have to second that!

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Remember, Maya Ali will launch her own namesake clothing brand and it’s about to hit the racks soon.

The Diyar-e-Dil actress announced the exciting news on social media, revealing that the brand is going to be launched in collaboration with two of her cousins, Ansa and Zainab.

Actress Maya Ali has recently shared the great news of being about to launch her own clothing line, “Maya’s Pret-A-Porter,” to her fans on Instagram. The actress is all set to venture into entrepreneurship.

More and more celebrities are turning their focus towards the launch of their own brand.

Recently, Pakistan has observed the trend of stars turning entrepreneurs.

Maya Ali has not revealed the design which she is going to launch. But the official Instagram account of Maya Ali’s brand disclosed the “Gul Bahaar” collection which is an “incorporation of luxurious fabric,” merged with “enthusiastically adorned motifs and fabulous ornaments.”

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