Heatwave Warning: Karachi to Experience Rising Temperatures

 Heatwave Warning: Karachi to Experience Rising Temperatures

Karachi Braces for Rising Temperatures as Meteorological Department Issues Heat Warning

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a warning indicating a surge in temperatures for Karachi starting today. The Met Office forecasts heightened heat levels across various regions of Sindh until April 10, coinciding with the anticipated first day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Expectations suggest temperatures ranging between 35°C to 37°C during this period, as outlined by the Met department. Earlier today, Karachi witnessed foggy weather conditions, attributed to increased humidity brought by the sea breeze. Humidity levels surpassed 80%, with visibility limited to 5 kilometres in the airport vicinity, according to the PMD. Presently, the weather stands sunny with a temperature of 36°C and 33% humidity.

Weather analyst Jawad Memon underscores the escalating heat in multiple areas of Sindh, projecting a continued hot spell until April 12. Memon predicts Eid weather in Karachi to fluctuate between 37°C to 38°C, with a potential decrease in heat intensity post-April 12.

Furthermore, Memon anticipates a shift in weather patterns by April 13 or 14, attributing it to westerly winds likely to usher in rains across the country. Karachi, too, is slated to receive light to moderate rainfall from April 14 onwards, Memon adds.

Highlighting the likelihood of above-average rainfall in April, Memon suggests a potential uptick in precipitation around April 22 or 23, owing to a westerly system. He emphasizes the possibility of rainfall in Karachi persisting until April 22 or 23.

As Karachi prepares for soaring temperatures and potential rainfall in the coming weeks, residents are advised to stay updated with weather forecasts and take necessary precautions to cope with changing weather conditions.

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