Hamas Accepts US Proposal for Talks on Releasing Israeli Hostages

 Hamas Accepts US Proposal for Talks on Releasing Israeli Hostages

In a significant development, Hamas has agreed to begin talks on releasing Israeli hostages, including soldiers and civilians, as part of a US-proposed plan to end the Gaza war.

Temporary Ceasefire and Aid Delivery Guaranteed

According to a senior Hamas source, the proposal ensures a temporary ceasefire, aid delivery, and withdrawal of Israeli troops during the initial six-week phase, with mediators guaranteeing the agreement’s implementation.

Framework Agreement Possible if Israel Embraces Proposal

A Palestinian official close to the peace efforts stated that the proposal could lead to a framework agreement if accepted by Israel, potentially ending the nine-month-old war that has claimed over 38,000 Palestinian lives.

Hezbollah Welcomes Hamas’ Ceasefire Agreement

Hamas has informed Hezbollah of its acceptance of the ceasefire proposal, with the Lebanese group’s leader welcoming the step. A Hezbollah official stated that a Gaza agreement would lead to a ceasefire in Lebanon.

Turkish President Urges Western Pressure on Israel

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called on Western countries to pressure Israel to accept the terms, hoping for a “final ceasefire” within days.

Far-Right Israeli Partners Express Concerns

Some far-right partners in Netanyahu’s coalition have threatened to quit the government if the war ends without destroying Hamas, potentially ending Netanyahu’s premiership.

US Plan Envisages Hostage Release, Ceasefire, and Reconstruction

The US proposal, made public in late May, involves releasing approximately 120 hostages, a ceasefire, and a three-phase plan including the freeing of Palestinian prisoners and Gaza’s reconstruction.

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