Hamas Accepts Ceasefire Proposal as Israel Continues Strikes in Rafah

 Hamas Accepts Ceasefire Proposal as Israel Continues Strikes in Rafah

Hamas accepted a Gaza ceasefire proposal from mediators on Monday, though Israel found the terms unsatisfactory and continued strikes in Rafah. Despite ongoing negotiations, Israel proceeded with operations in Rafah, prompting criticism from Jordan’s Foreign Minister.

While Hamas confirmed acceptance of the ceasefire proposal through its leader Ismail Haniyeh, Israel expressed reservations, stating that the terms did not meet its demands. Nonetheless, Israel agreed to send a delegation for further discussions with mediators.

Qatar announced its delegation’s intention to resume indirect negotiations in Cairo on Tuesday. However, an Israeli official, speaking anonymously, described Hamas’ approved proposal as a diluted version of an earlier Egyptian offer, containing elements unacceptable to Israel.

The U.S. State Department expressed optimism about achieving a ceasefire, emphasizing ongoing discussions with allies. Meanwhile, the conflict’s toll continues to rise, with over 34,600 Palestinians killed, according to Gaza health officials. The UN has warned of imminent famine in the enclave.

The conflict, which began with a Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, has resulted in significant casualties and abductions, with hundreds remaining in captivity in Gaza, according to Israeli reports.

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