Govt warns of Israeli hackers in Pakistan

 Govt warns of Israeli hackers in Pakistan

Govt warns of Israeli hackers in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Federal government has cautioned provincial governments and ministries against Israeli hackers’ activities in Pakistan, citing sources the private news channel reported on Tuesday.

Sources say that hackers from Israel are now stealing people’s personal information. People are being focused on by different social media sites, according to sources.

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The federal government has sent a message to all the provinces, departments, and sections warning them about these actions.

Govt warns of Israeli hackers in Pakistan

Government sources have reported that Israeli companies are trying to take people’s private information without permission. Sources say that the government has told people not to share their personal details with companies that seem suspicious.

“The government’s circular also carrying cyber security guidelines to avoid being targeted by hackers,” sources said.

“Don’t share personal email ID with any unknown person,” the official letter advises. “Avoid using official email for personal communication,” it recommends.

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You should not give your personal information or documents to websites that are not trustworthy, as recommended by internet safety rules. The rules also tell you not to click on links you don’t know, so you don’t get hacked.

Moreover, unidentified and suspicious Applications avoided to be installed at devices and also ignoring using public WIFI as precaution.

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