Gov’t, President Deadlocked on NA Session Convening

 Gov’t, President Deadlocked on NA Session Convening

Gov’t, President Deadlocked on NA Session Convening

The federal government and President Dr. Arif Hussain Alvi were at odds over the convening of the National Assembly session, according to the private news channel channel on Tuesday.

The issue is whether the session can called when the parliament is not complete.

According to sources, the federal government has responded to the president’s objections. Along with a request to reconsider his decision and convene a meeting in accordance with the Constitution.

The federal government contended that there is no provision in Article 91 that prohibits the NA session from being held in such circumstances.

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However, President Alvi has invoked Article 54 to delay the session until all reserved seats have been allocated.

He argued that constitutional obligations took precedence over ordinary procedures.

According to sources, the federal government has requested that President Alvi reconsider his decision.

Clause 2 of Article 91 requires the NA to meet within 21 days of the election.

Even if the president does not call a meeting for February 29, the session will proceed as planned.

The government argued that the extraordinary session is necessary to meet constitutional requirements. “Under clause two of Article 91 of the Constitution. The meeting must convened by the 21st day of the election date.”

It went on to say that nowhere in this article does it state that if the house is incomplete. The session cannot called.

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In response to President Alvi’s stance, PPP leader Shazia Marri emphasized the importance of adhering to constitutional obligations.

She urged him not to manipulate the constitution. Citing historical examples where presidential powers misused and had long-term consequences.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Imran Khan backed President Alvi’s decision. Claiming that their party’s mandate in the elections was stolen. He criticized the denial of reserved seats, calling it a serious breach of public trust.

Senator Ishaq Dar of the PML-N also criticized President Alvi. Accusing him of attempting to violate the Constitution by delaying the NA session beyond the allotted time.

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