Governor highlights Military College Sui Dera Bugti’s contribution

 Governor highlights Military College Sui Dera Bugti’s contribution

Governor highlights Military College Sui Dera Bugti’s contribution

QUETTA, Pakistan – Balochistan Governor Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar lauded the significant role of Military College Sui Dera Bugti in providing quality education to students in the region. He made these remarks while addressing a ceremony held at the college on Wednesday.

Governor Kakar expressed his admiration for the institution’s progress, noting that its achievements exceeded initial expectations. Established just twelve years ago, the college has already established itself as a premier educational facility, he said. He attributed the success of the college to the dedication of the Commandant, Brigadier Waseem Qaiser, and his team, highlighting the outstanding performance of the cadets.

This success, he stated, serves as a guarantee for a bright future for the institution. Governor Kakar also announced two important decisions: the construction of an auditorium within the college and the approval of attraction allowances for the staff.

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These initiatives demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting the college’s further development and attracting high-quality personnel. He further expressed his pride in the cadets’ confidence and talent, applauding their dedication and commitment.

He emphasized the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education, urging parents to maintain close contact with the college administration and play an active role in shaping their character and values. Governor Kakar stressed the importance of utilizing the new generation’s physical and mental potential for the nation’s benefit.

He highlighted the crucial role of teachers and parents in providing the necessary support and guidance for their training. Concluding his address, Governor Kakar emphasized the need to continue providing quality education to the youth of Balochistan. He assured the audience of the government’s unwavering support for institutions like Military College Sui Dera Bugti, recognizing their vital role in shaping the future leaders of the province.

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