Google’s Bard, now Gemini, expands to mobile and paid versions

 Google’s Bard, now Gemini, expands to mobile and paid versions

Google’s Bard, now Gemini, expands to mobile and paid versions

According to Axios, earlier this week, Google renamed its Bard chatbot Gemini and added mobile app options as well as a paid version of the service.

With this latest action, the tech giant hopes to demonstrate that it can stay up to date with Microsoft’s and OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) offerings.

After just a year, Google is renaming its Bard AI as Gemini, based on new AI models that power the most recent iteration of the service.

This image shows the Gemini chatbots window. — The Verge via Google

Additionally, Google Cloud is rebranding Duet AI as Gemini.

Axios claims that while Gemini will be a tab inside the Google app on iOS, it will have its own app on Android that will allow it to take the place of Google Assistant as the main voice assistant.

Furthermore, as part of a new $20 monthly Google One subscription tier, Google is launching a paid version of its chatbot called Gemini Advanced, which grants access to the most expensive Gemini Ultra model and 2TB of cloud storage.

Google’s paid AI chatbot, which offers 2TB of cloud storage for the same $20 monthly fee as Microsoft’s Copilot Pro and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, is directly competitive with Google.

Both current Google One subscribers and those who are not yet subscribers can take advantage of the company’s two-month free trial.

Gemini, which Google is marketing as Assistant’s replacement, has fewer features than Assistant. It can’t make calls, set timers, or control smart home appliances.

As of right now, Google doesn’t have a Gemini-based Assistant substitute for smart displays, TVs, and speakers. Unlike Assistant, the new chatbot is unable to play music from Spotify or access the calendar.

Moreover, the business announced that paying customers will soon have access to a Gemini version that functions with Gmail and other apps like Meet, Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

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