Get married because God created you in pairs: Actor Ahmed Butt

 Get married because God created you in pairs:   Actor Ahmed Butt

Actor Ahmed Butt with his wife

Lahore, 21 June: Ahmed Ali Butt has shared his two cents on the institution of marriage and how, as a child of separated parents, can separation affect those involved.

Ahmed sat down a casual chat with private channel, during which he touched upon the importance of marriage.

Asked whether his parents’ separation affected his outlook on life and marriage, Ahmed Ali Butt said, “When my parents separated, we didn’t really understand much… I was about 13 years old. One isn’t mature enough to understand these things at that age.”

That’s not to say that it affected him later on either. “My parents never allowed their differences to seep within us,” Ahmed Ali Butt shared, adding that it was never a choice between the two for him and his brother. “They had their own differences, but they never let them affect our upbringing or our education.”

The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani star added that his parents (Zille Huma and Aqeel Butt) sacrificed a lot for their kids, including their decision to not remarry.

When asked whether their separation tainted the institution of marriage for him, Ahmed Ali Butt shared that at a certain age, every young boy is scared of marriage to a point of rebellion. He then proceeded to offer some advice for youngsters.

“I always advise this that one should get married because God has created us in pairs. And that every woman brings her own fate and destiny, as does a child,” he said, adding that one should make sure they’re prepared before they get married.

“Firstly, you should be financially prepared, make sure you can provide for yourself and her, which is your right. Be mentally prepared. Also, only marry if you can give a woman the same importance as a man,” he concluded.

Ahmed Ali Butt has been married to his longtime friend and beau Fatima Khan since 2013, and the couple shares a son, Azaan.

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