Four dead in Khairpur minitruck-coach collision

 Four dead in Khairpur minitruck-coach collision

In a devastating incident, a speeding coach from Punjab rammed into a minitruck near the economic zone in Khairpur, killing at least four people and injuring 17 others.

Faisalabad Tragedy

Earlier, a horrific collision between a car and a loader rickshaw near Jhumra flyover in Faisalabad claimed the lives of five family members, including four women. The speeding car collided with the rickshaw, killing the family members, including a mother, her two minor daughters, her son, and her mother-in-law.

Hub Accident

In another tragic incident, a car carrying Iranian petrol collided with a motorcycle near Gadani Mor in Hub, Balochistan, resulting in a fire that claimed the lives of three people. The fire brigade extinguished the fire, but the vehicle and motorcycle were badly burnt.

Casualties and Injuries

  • Khairpur collision: 4 dead, 17 injured
  • Faisalabad tragedy: 5 dead (4 women), 3 injured
  • Hub accident: 3 dead

Investigations Underway

Police officials are investigating the incidents, and the suspect driver in the Faisalabad tragedy has fled the scene.

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