Finland Remains the Worlds Happiest Country for Seventh Year

 Finland Remains the Worlds Happiest Country for Seventh Year

The latest World Happiness report maintains Finland’s position as the happiest country worldwide for the seventh consecutive year. Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden also retain spots in the top 10 happiest nations, with Finland leading the rankings.

Despite facing a challenging humanitarian situation since the Taliban’s resurgence in 2020, Afghanistan remains at the bottom among the 143 surveyed countries. The United States and Germany, while not within the top 20 happiest countries, secure the 23rd and 24th positions, respectively.

Costa Rica and Kuwait break into the top 20, claiming the 12th and 13th spots, respectively. Interestingly, none of the world’s largest countries manage to make it onto the list of happiest nations.

The report also highlights changes in happiness levels since 2006-2010, with Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Jordan experiencing declines, while Eastern European nations such as Serbia, Bulgaria, and Latvia report increases.

Happiness rankings derive from people’s self-assessed life satisfaction and encompass factors such as GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and corruption levels.

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