Emirates launches new hospitality strategy

 Emirates launches new hospitality strategy

Emirates launches new hospitality strategy

Emirates, renowned for its award-winning products and services, is launching a new hospitality-based strategy which it says will take the customer experiences that its teams deliver on ground and in the air, to new heights.

The programme will be one of the biggest people, process, and product initiatives ever implemented at the airline, touching all front-line customer facing teams as well as supporting departments.

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Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates said. “Even while managing the immediate challenges of the pandemic during the past two years. Emirates did not hesitate to keep driving forward initiatives to ensure our customers keep “flying better” for the foreseeable future.

“Emirates already has a signature service that our customers value and makes us unique. What we’re doing through our new hospitality strategy, is providing our teams with even more bandwidth and skills to build stronger. More personalized, and relevant connections with our customers at every moment of their journey with us.

We’ll achieve that by investing in technologies, refining elements of our processes. Also empowering our people to be our most effective and real brand ambassadors.”

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Al Redha added: “The learning programme for our new hospitality strategy will be rolled out starting from June, and refresher courses in the programme will continue to ensure the consistency of our customer experience.”

With expert support from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), consistently rated amongst the world’s top hospitality management schools. Emirates is creating its next generation hospitality programme based on bespoke principles that reflect its unique DNA. At its foundation are the principles of simplicity, excellence, innovation, and most importantly, passion.

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