Eid-ul-Adha: Punjab govt issues SOPs for prayers, sacrificial animals

 Eid-ul-Adha: Punjab govt issues SOPs for prayers, sacrificial animals

Punjab govt issues SOPs for Eid prayers

ISLAMABAD(LAHORE), 20 July: Punjab government has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be adopted during Eid ul Adha prayers and sacrifice of animals in wake of a spike in COVID cases nationwide amid the fourth wave, ARY NEWS reported on Tuesday.

According to a notification issued by the Punjab home department, the Eid payers should be held at open places and while offering it inside the mosques, the doors and windows should remain open to ensure a smooth cross-ventilation.

“Eid prayers should be offered multiple times at the same place in order to avoid mass congregations,” it said while further requesting Muslim scholars and clerics to ensure keeping their Eid sermons short in order to minimize the effects of COVID spread.

The notification issued by the Punjab government also directed against bringing ailing, aged, and children to the mosques and open areas for prayers. “Those entering the prayer area should be tested for temperature besides also being sanitized,” it said.

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Similarly, the Sindh government on Monday issued guidelines to be followed during Eidul Adha prayers and while performing the ritual of sacrificing animals in order to contain the spread of coronavirus amid the fourth wave.

According to fresh standard operating procedures (SOPs), the government has advised the people to prefer collective sacrifice of the animals this Eidul Azha instead of individual fulfillment of the ritual in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The government has identified specific locations in the province for the collective sacrifice of animals on Eid-ul-Adha. The administration of mosques has been ordered to keep doors and windows opened during the Eidul Fitr prayers and refrain from using water coolers.

Citizens were also asked to refrain from shaking hands and hugging during the Eidul Adha festival, as well as avoiding unnecessarily traveling and family events.

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