Eid-ul-Adha 2021: Delicious dishes you must cook on this Bakar Eid

 Eid-ul-Adha 2021: Delicious dishes you must cook on this Bakar Eid

Eid-ul-Adha 2021: delicious dishes you must cook this Bakrid

Eid-ul-Adha or Bakar eid is one of the most popular Muslim festivals that is celebrated across the globe.

It honors the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of compliance to God’s command.

Before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, however, Allah provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. Bakrid is celebrated at the end of the month of Islamic holy pilgrimage i.e. Hajj.

It falls on the last month of the lunar Islamic calendar. This year, Bakrid will be celebrated on July 21 in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Bakrid is a time to relish some mouthwatering dishes. Families cook various dishes and then eat them together. They also share the food with neighbors and the less fortunate, since Bakrid is the festival of sacrifice. To help you celebrate the festival with full fervor, here are 7 delicious dishes you must cook this Bakrid.

  1. Peshawari Chapli Kebab
    Peshawari Chapli Kebab is a mutton mince that is mixed with onion, tomatoes, coriander seeds, salt, and pepper and pan-fried well to perfection that gives out an amazing taste. These are juicy mutton kebabs that fit right in the platter decorated for the guests during bakar Eid.
  2. Chicken Pulav
    Chicken Pulav is one of the simplest and amazing recipes to try your hand on the day of Eid. The chicken is boiled well with spices to give it an amazing taste. The spices speak for themselves and give a beautiful aroma. The dish is made with the goodness of tasty chicken, and fine basmati rice.
  3. Nazaqati Boti Kebab
    The perfect mixture of fresh lamb meat for Nazaqati Boti Kebabs. They are made from mutton cubes that are marinated well with spices, papaya paste, onions, roasted almonds, or cashews. There are even added flavors like coconut powder, saffron, and rose petals. These super delicious kebabs are all set to make your Eid amazing.
  4. Al Kabsa
    Al Kabsa is a traditional dish from Saudi Arabia. It is a mixed rice dish prepared with rice, chicken, or lamb. This juicy rice chicken dish is the right cuisine you would like to taste on the occasion of Bakra Eid. You can try this yummy non-veg recipe to lure your guests on the occasion of this festival.
  5. Sheer Korma
    Sheer Korma is a rich and creamy dessert made during the Eid festivities. It is a rich Mughlai dessert that is made of vermicelli. The dish is just perfect for the festive occasion of Eid. The sweet pudding is made up of milk, dry fruits, dried dates, vermicelli, and sugar. Sheer here stands for the word milk and Korma stands for dates in Farsi.
  6. Pashtooni Zarda Pulao
    Pashtooni Zarda Pulao is a Hyderabadi special pulao that is made especially during the occasion of Eid. The pulao is enriched with extra nuts, saffron, and rose water. If you are bored of the regular Pulao, you can explore this on the occasion of Eid. It is a conventional recipe that is made to rejoice in the festival of Eid.

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