Easy healthy omelette recipe for weight loss

 Easy healthy omelette recipe for weight loss

Omelettes are great, they are cheap to make, super quick

Omelette are great, they are cheap to make, super quick, you can add any sort of filling you desire like ham, cheese, crispy bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.

A basic 3 egg omelette with just fresh vegetables comes in at around 200-300 calories. Not much, which makes them the ideal weight loss meal.

  • Heat a pan on medium heat with some olive oil in and or a nob of butter and coat the bottom of the pan.
  • Crack 2-3 eggs into a bowl and whisk together with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Pour all of the eggs into the pan.
  • Slowly cook the eggs moving it around the pan with your fork or spatula and move the pan around to fill the gaps and then let it sit and cook.
  • Let it cook and watch to see when the egg on top is just about cooked.
  • Once you are happy, go around the edge of the egg to loosen up your omelette. Then give the pan a slight shake to see if it’s free and loose.
  • If it isn’t let it cook a little more or get your spatula under and around the sides again to try and loosen it. If it tears you’ve either not got enough oil or it’s not cooked enough.
  • Once you are happy and your omelette is moving freely in the pan with a little shake, it’s time to fold it in half. If you are adding a filling, you can add these now.
  • Take your spatula and get it under one side of your omelette and flip one side over onto itself.
  • It’s done. Serve it up.

If you are adding fillings to your omelette it’s best to fry up your fillings first, set them aside and then add them once the omelette is ready as you’ll end up overcooking your omelette.

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