Dua Lipa Unveils Secret to Her Iconic Red Hair!

 Dua Lipa Unveils Secret to Her Iconic Red Hair!

Dua Lipa Unveils Secret to Her Iconic Red Hair!

Dua Lipa recently revealed the inspiration for her red hair. As fans will know, the singing sensation, who is rumored to be dating Callum Turner, debuted her Coca-Cola red locks in the video for her smash hit single Houdini.

Since then, the 28-year-old singer has worn her new hair color in a number of outings, and it appears that it complements all of her looks.

With that said, Dua recently told Allure that her upcoming album inspired her new style statement.

Speaking of her most recent work, the musician revealed, “It was just me in the studio while I was listening to the music [for the new record].”

She went on to say, “And I feel like I’ve just seen a lot of red. And I wanted to dye my hair and make a small change.”

Later in the interview, the Levitating hitmaker reflected, “When I think about ‘Future Nostalgia,’ it was very pop, glitter, and glamorous in some ways.”

Finally, she confessed, “Now I’m much more into dewy skin and clear gel in my brows.” I don’t feel the need to make them any darker than they already are.”

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