Deadly tornado sweeps through villages in Czech Republic

 Deadly tornado sweeps through villages in Czech Republic

Deadly tornado sweeps through villages in Czech Republic

PRAGUE, 25 June: A tornado has swept through several villages in the Czech Republic, killing four people and leaving more than 100 others injured.

Thursday night’s storm tornado blew the roofs off buildings in the south-eastern Breclav and Hodonin districts, uprooting trees and overturning cars.

Winds of at least 219km/h (136 mph) were recorded and the worst-hit areas were said to look like a war zone.

“It’s living hell,” said South Moravia regional governor Jan Grolich.

Hail stones the size of tennis balls were reported, and local officials said a string of villages had suffered considerable damage along a 25km (15-mile) stretch of road heading from Breclav to Hodonin, to the north-east.

In the village of Valtice, on the other side of Breclav, Mayor Pavel Trojan said almost every building had been damaged by a bombardment of hail.

The government said around 1,000 homes had been affected and local authorities were working to provide accommodation for people whose roofs had been destroyed.

The images of devastation in villages in the Hodonin area are simply jaw-dropping.

In one video, the camera pans across an apocalyptic landscape; cars are dumped like toys on piles of twisted steel. Planks of wood have been sprinkled on the ground like matchsticks.

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