Biryani is the feast for every occasion

 Biryani is the feast for every occasion

Delicious Chicken Biryani

Islamabad, 09 June: Biryani is a celebration of all that is great about Pakistani food – the heady aromas, the vibrant colours, the fluffy rice and those addictive curry flavours.

Make this Chicken Biryani with your protein of choice or try a vegetable biryani!

One of the most requested recipes is finally here! it took us seven attempts to get this biryani right.

Seven attempts means seven heated arguments about who would take the leftover biryani, usually declares themselves to be on a diet to address blog-related weight gain concerns.

And it was worth it. (Belly and all.) Biryani, we can’t get enough of you!

Essentially, it’s your favourite chicken curry (or vegetable or other protein of choice) buried under a mound of delicately spiced fluffy rice, all made in one pot. The rice is steamed over a low heat so it absorbs the flavours of the curry bubbling away underneath.

So in a nutshell, it’s every curry loving-carb monsters’ dream come true. It’s got my name written all over it!


Chicken marinated in a spiced yoghurt is placed in a large pot, then layered with fried onions (cheeky easy sub below!), fresh coriander/cilantro, then par boiled lightly spiced rice.

The crowning glory is to finish it off with a drizzle of saffron infused water to give it the signature patches of bright yellow rice, as well as ghee (or melted butter) for buttery richness.

The pot is then covered and cooked over a low heat for about 25 minutes during which time the rice absorbs the aromas and flavors of the curry underneath, whilst still being beautifully fluffy.

That moment when you lift the lid and are greeted with this sigh that moment is only second to this: when you dig deep into the pot, ensuring you get some of every layer, and the full force of the aroma from the curry buried deep under the rice hits you, and it takes every single bit of will power to gravitate that spoon towards a bowl instead of attempting to shove that entire giant scoop in your mouth….

Almost done!

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