Bilawal calls news of Hareem Shah marrying a PPP leader ‘rumours’

 Bilawal calls news of Hareem Shah marrying a PPP leader ‘rumours’

Bilawal Bhutto calls news of Hareem Shah marrying a PPP leader ‘rumours’

ISLAMABAD(KARACHI), 01 July: PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto, too, has denied media reports of TikTok star Hareem Shah tying the knot with a Sindh provincial minister from the PPP. He says its all a “conspiracy to divert attention from [other] problems”.

The TikTok star recently announced that she had married a PPP lawmaker, but did not disclose his identity.

Local media approached Bilawal to get his thoughts on the controversy after a press conference at Zardari House in Islamabad.

Bilawal Bhutto statement

Bilawal was asked who the PPP provincial minister married to Shah is.

But he said it was a rumour. “These are all rumours being spread to divert attention from [other] problems. No such thing has happened.”

Bilawal said that such rumours have no value.

Earlier, Sindh IT Minister Taimur Talpur had denied reports of being TikTok star Hareem Shah’s mysterious husband from the PPP.

The internet sensation had confirmed the news of her marriage to Local media but kept details about her husband under wraps, saying she would soon unveil details about the wedding and her partner to her fans.

Talpur had called news of Shah’s mysterious PPP husband a “publicity stunt”.

The rumours spread as the Sindh IT minister wears a Rolex watch which was also seen in a picture shared by the TikTok star showing the hands of a man and woman on her Instagram earlier.

The picture had sparked rumours of an engagement. It was later deleted.

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