Anoushey Ashraf asks us to ‘care, respect and love’ our sacrificial animals

 Anoushey Ashraf asks us to ‘care, respect and love’ our sacrificial animals

Pakistani actress and VJ Anoushey

Pakistani actress and VJ Anoushey Ashraf has always made it a point to encourage kindness towards animals and this Eid is no exception. She posted a request for her followers to treat their sacrificial animals with compassion and love.

The actor and VJ took to social media to post an adorable photo of herself with a goat and a long caption that highlighted the need to be kind towards sacrificial animals. “Closing in on that time of the year where I always reach out to those on my Instagram urging them to care, respect and love their animal of sacrifice to the absolute fullest,” she wrote.

The VJ continued and said, “A few things; Please make sure to remember it’s a ‘sacrifice’ not ‘slaughter’ and it takes place in the most humane way possible. Don’t make children run the blade on the animal please.

The qasai should be a thorough professional, if the animal experiences discomfort, pain and severe distress you’re doing it wrong. There are gentle manuals on it. The knives should be so sharp that the animal shouldn’t feel any pain.”

Anoushey Ashraf emphasised the importance of not sacrificing an animal in front of other animals. “It induces severe anxiety in them,” she wrote. The VJ also asked everyone to “stop another and teach them the rights of animals too if you see their animals in bad shape, under fed, hot, tied to short ropes so they can’t sit/move etc.”

She reminded everyone to preserve the sanctity of the deed by refraining from showing off. “Do not make videos and photos of the process. They’re not for show, this occasion isn’t a show,” she said. “Do not exhibit, compare and spend extravagant amounts of money to please Allah. He knows your neeyat [intention] better than anyone,” she said.

“Clean up thoroughly after it’s done,” the VJ continued. “Stop storing meat for yourselves, give and distribute the best of it first. Eat less meat through the rest of the year, please. It’s become a cruel industry and the spirit of being thankful is lost.”

Ashraf also reminded her followers of the religious significance of being kind towards animals. “’Do not make your stomach a graveyard for animals,’ [said] Imam Ali. Reflect on the meaning of sacrifice. Be humble about it. May Allah accept our sacrifices this year. The greatest nations are those that are kind to their animals. Many of them are our food, they fill our hungry bellies. They’re a big blessing. They provide nourishment to us.”

Actor Adnan Malik commented on Anoushey Ashraf’s post and appreciated her for voicing such an important concern. “Thank you for sharing this and for encouraging compassion, integrity and intention at a time like this,

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