Actresses Maryam Nafees got offer to spend time

 Actresses  Maryam Nafees got offer to spend time

Actresses Maryam Nafees got offer to spend time

Maryam Nafees, Pakistani actress, has taken a firm stand against inappropriate advances and unsolicited proposals she has been facing.

Addressing the issue on her Instagram Stories, the Siyaah actress shared her encounters with individuals. They were attempting to strike inappropriate deals, expressing her frustration with the disturbing assumption. And that being in the media industry implies acceptance of such propositions.

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Maryam Nafees began by revealing a WhatsApp conversation. A random number sought a meeting, citing an encounter at the LUX Style Awards. The unknown individual audaciously proposed a monetary arrangement for “personal time.” Responding vehemently, Mariyam condemned the person, stating, “Bet your mom is ashamed to have a child like you.”

She emphasised that not every woman can bought, asserting, “Married or not – this never stops! Actresses are not prostitutes!” In a subsequent screenshot, she disclosed the individual’s details, pledging to expose them.

In another instance on Facebook Messenger, Mariyam shared a conversation where an individual approached her. The discussions wha about “political level parties and bold shoots.” Dismissing the proposal, she told the person to “Go pimp somewhere else!” Expressing her disbelief, she questioned if such encounters were commonplace in the industry.

Facing a barrage of questions and opinions, Mariyam Nafees proactively addressed her audience’s concerns by putting up a question tab on Instagram. When asked if she had tracked down any of the culprits, she disclosed that her team was actively pursuing those responsible, whom she referred to as “pimps and [debauchees],” noting that some had previously apologized after being exposed.

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